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Instagram is a social media advertising channel you simply cannot allow to avoid with numerous day-to-day visitors. There are actually various methods to make the instagram embed code. Implementing a Instagram feed plugin or widget is the easiest and most productive option. You obtain a few selections, which is good news. Finding the one that absolutely suits your requires is gotten a lot less complex therefore.

Instagram feed widget from Mobirise

Instagram feed widget from Mobirise

The brand-new and also innovative widget from Mobirise makes it possible for you to insert your Instagram feed right into your site in 3 clicks. 2 display options are accessible: as a gallery and also as a slider. The slider is able to be established to scroll effortlessly.

The instagram widget provides a wonderful appearance and also is simple to construct.

You can readjust the indentation, customise the rounding as well as display screen or hide post information.



Monthly visits: 1.0m

Cost: Free limited version or >€7.18 per month

Snapwidget is a very popular and also practical Instagram feed widget. It may not feature as many capabilities as other widgets, but it is definitely easy to customise, and its free of cost version allows you to embed an unlimited amount of Instagram feeds. Nevertheless, the photos in the free version web link to the Snapwidget website, not the Instagram account. Additionally, the cost-free variation does not display carousel posts and also lacks hashtag filters.

The free of cost version connects to your profile once every half an hour.

The professional license features a web link to Instagram pictures as well as provides assistance for Facebook pictures, Twitter images and also videos, as well as Youtube video widgets. You can produce Instagram Carousel Post Widgets, provide hashtag widgets as well as various other elements. Moreover, of course, it is going to be totally ideal for the bootstrap builder software program.



Monthly visits: 724.6K

Cost: Free limited version or >5$ per month (all widget package)

This widget, some of the most well-known, is InstaShow offered by Elfsight, which allows customers to develop sensational galleries utilizing their pictures and video clips from Instagram. Considerable modification options including all sources, material pre-moderation, more than 70 customizable settings, 10 design schemes and also an interface fully adjustable to all resolutions.

The widget has the capacity to open and check out messages right on the website without needing moving to Instagram.

With the free "Lite" strategy, you can easily learn how to embed instagram feed, on only one internet site and a max of 200 sights per app, with the Elfsight brand. Paid programs begin at $5 per month and also rise from 5,000 to 50,000 sights per application, include unlimited web sites and get rid of the Elfsight business logo.



Monthly visits: 518.0 K

Cost: Free limited version or >5.5 $ per month

One more powerful social aggregator that can set Instagram feed, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube as well as other social feeds right into your web site. It is also very handy for any type of html builder software.

The free version is offered to improve your feed after every 24 hours, you can only link 1 account and also only 6 posts. The paid license increases the variety of feeds provided for embedding, the blogs presented, and the update rate.



Monthly visits: 326.4K

Cost: Free limited version or >29$ per month

Another excellent Instagram feed widget offered by EmbedSocial has a large range of modification opportunities. Its feature is simply the ability to insert articles from multiple resources into one widget at once and the ability to manage which messages are going to be displayed. Make use of filtering system possibilities to customize the feed to ensure that it just presents posts which contain specific keywords or the most current posts. Take care of the posts that you assume must always be first and followed by various other recently publicized messages on the first web page of the feed by providing top priority as well as pinning them.

The very best component is that you have complete control over which messages proceed public on your site. Extensive regulating instruments provide remarkable convenience, specifically for feeds developed for a hashtag project.

The free of cost version allows you to attach 1 source, up to 3 feeds, synchronizes with your account after every twenty four hours and also sustains both the account feed as well as the hashtag feed.

The paid license of the widget in addition allows you to set feeds from other social networks- Facebook feeds, Youtube feeds, Tiktok feeds, Vimeo feeds, Pinterest feeds.

Allows you to link from 3 resources as well as integrates once every 3 hrs. More costly tariffs make it possible for you to boost the variety of sources and also the variety of embedded tapes and speed up synchronization up to once every half an hour. So, don't be reluctant to try add instagram feed to website right now.



Monthly visits: 177.8K

Cost: Free limited version or >25$ per month

This specific social media aggregator allows you to put together all of your social media feeds within one embeddable, adjustable stream. It uses Instagram and Facebook, Twitter, Tik-tok, Vimeo and numerous other socials media. You can discover more relating to instagram feed on website, however let us check out presented plans.

The free of cost version is restricted to 3 Instagram feeds, a feed update every 24 hr as well as 2000 feed views per month. The premium license enhances the amount of views each month, the feed is refreshed more often, as well as you have the ability to change and also fix messages.



Monthly visits: 134.2K

Cost: free limited version or >€160 per month

Walls.io is a social service with a big variety of plugins. Including this tool allows you to set an Instagram feed at your internet site. Product provides a 30-day test time to enable customers to try all the components of the commercial license. At the end of the trial, you'll have the option to either activate a paid registration or else continue on the stripped-down cost-free plan.

The free license features the capability to embed 1 feed making use of up to 4 sources - Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Every hashtag or social media profile goes as one source. The feed is updated once every twelve hours. The totally free version additionally has ads.

The paid price, which starts at EUR160 monthly, supports 13 social systems, updates the feed every min, and enables you to link up to 5 resources for each and every system.



Monthly visits: 104.1K

Cost: Free limited version or >24$ per month

Yet another excellent widget for embedding Instagram feeds right into your website is the Taggbox. You have the ability to utilize the 14-day test period to examine the professional services and make a decision about the purchase.

The free license has advertisements, a limitation of 2000 views per month and a maximum of 2 feeds. The solution has numerous creative designs, very easy widget setting, plenty of possibilities to present the Instagram feed, display feeds through hashtags, hand-operated pre-moderation of shown content.



Monthly visits: 54.1K

Cost: Free limited version or >9.9$ per month

The following service which allows you to set an Instagram feed at your website is Woxo.tech. There are a plenty of prefabricated presets as well as couple of features for editing. You are able to only pick layout, light or dark color scheme and readjust the indents. A load of configurations are offered only for commercial version of the widget. Installment is actually as easy as other services, simply pick layout, customise and also get code to paste into your website. Free license accessible only with brand name Woxo.tech.

Commercial programs add unlimited websites and web page views, eliminate the WOXO watermark, refresh your feeds every 2 hrs as well as give you accessibility to premium themes.



Monthly visits: 50.2K

Cost: Free limited version or 9$ per month

One more social aggregator that provides you a great deal of opportunities. What makes it unique from previous tools is that you have the ability to get thorough analytics on your widget actions. Get comprehensive insights & reviews concerning your widget along with Integrated analytics like views, customers on posts, target audience involvement, geo locations of visitors, view stats, web content cloud & general performance.

The free version is limited to 2000 views each month, 1 feed, renewing after every 12 hrs. Paid plans start at $9 monthly, boost the number of provided feeds, increase the number of 10000 - Unrestricted views per month, add more than 15 social systems as sources, update your feed every 2 hrs and completely gets rid of Tagembed Branding advertisements



Monthly visits: 47.7K

Cost: Free limited version or >19$ per month

Juicer makes it helpful to regulate and curate content by integrating all of your product's social networks posts using hashtags right into a single, magnificent social media feed on your site. Juicer provides more than 17 sources, incorporating them right into one tape. In the free of charge version, only 1 embedded tape and a maximum of 2 resources are available. The feed is refreshed every 24-hour.

The free of cost license includes Juicer Logo advertisings. In the paid rates, that start at a cost tag of $19 a month, there is zero marketing, and the number of ingrained sources is added starting from 5 sources. The frequency of renewals of the feed is similarly raised:

Once an hour, Juicer is going to check your social media sites resources for renewals as well as immediately send them to your feed. All those who publish frequently on social media sites or perhaps have a large number of social media followers usually pick a higher update frequency.



Monthly visits: 34k

Cost: Free limited version or 10$ one-time purchase

One more widget that is quickly achieving success is Lightwidget. It comes with a large range of editing opportunities, even in its free of cost plan, and have the ability to be conveniently integrated right into any site. I specifically intend to identify the ability to open up and see blogs in their whole without having to go to Instagram. By nonpayment plan feeds refresh every 24 hrs.

One more advantage is actually that its paid plan costs just $10 and is a single buy.

By default widget use just with HTTP procedure. It means that if your web site is HTTPS based you will certainly require to add commercial add-on to your widget. With this add-on feeds update every thirty minutes

With HTTPS you will likewise obtain accessibility to advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN). It significantly speeds up loading times of Lightwidget as they are load from nearest node to your site site visitor. Lightwidget have more than 150 nodes globally. It additionally includes much better trustworthiness as well as protection.



Monthly visits: 18.5K

Cost: free limited version or >9$ per month

Widg.io a large pack of various plugins, one of which is actually Instagram feed widget.

The tool appears as a customizable gallery, it is feasible to pick various color design and modify what will happen whenever you click on the message. In general, the elements are noticeably less than other widgets. The cost-free version is limited to 200 views, and additionally has promoting logo Widg.io

The paid plan from 9 ₤/ month enables you to choose 10 widgets from the whole collection of widgets of the product, set them in an limitless number of web sites and the number of views increases to 2500 monthly.



Monthly visits: 10.0K

Cost: Free limited version or >5.5 $ per month

The great social networks aggregator device to collect, manage and show social media sites feeds on website or digital screen. Incorporate social media sites blogs in a special stream and present them just about anywhere.

The cost-free version enables you to insert two widgets from up to two resources. (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to pick from) Renewing the feed every 24-hour. The paid versions, that start at $5, additionally include LinkedIn, Youtube, Vimeo and also other sources.

Best Embed Instagram Feed widgets for Wordpress in 2022:



Active installations: 1+ million

Cost: Free limited version or >49$ per уear

Сonvenient WordPress plugin with full social media feed managing.Provides Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube feeds. 1.75 million end users rely on this product.

Link your Instagram posts to personalized URLs of your picking by simply adding the link to the subtitle of your blog on Instagram, enabling you to link certain messages in your feed to pages or products on your site ( or else other sites) in a quick and also simple way.

Commercial version of the widget also permits you to install Instagram Stories, slide carousel blogs, сreate Shoppable Feeds, present message titles, comments, as well as the quantity of likes for every blog and numerous other helpful functions.

Social Slider Widget

Social Slider

Active installations: 90,000+

Cost: start from $29 per year or 89$ for lifetime

The capability of this plugin is that it features Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Tiktok feeds are available all in one plugin. Premium version sustains 3 web sites, authorization of several profiles. The beginning rate begins at $29.

Elementor Instagram Feed Widget

Elementor Instagram Feed Widget

Active installations: 80,000+

Cost: $49 per year/$279 - one time purchase

Previously we checked out common social aggregators. But what services are out there for people that work with Wordpress websites? Assuming that you use the Elementor page builder for Wordpress, you may be interested in Elementor Instagram Feed widget from PowerPack.

This instagram widget offers attractive layouts for showing your Instagram feed on your websites. You can pick from Grid, Masonry, as well as Slide carousel layouts.

The widget also has the following features: Lightbox element for presenting pictures, Insert mode for Instagram gallery, Considerable designing possibilities, Capability to arrange pictures, Mobile responsiveness.

The widget can be purchased as component of the PowerPack widget bundle for $49 annually for a single site or $89 annually for 25 sites. You can likewise acquire a life time subscription for $279.

Spotlight Social Media Feeds

Spotlight Social Media Feeds

Cost: 39$/59 per year

Active installations: 40,000+

Instagram feeds coming from Spotlight are developed to effectively mesh with your web site. All you must do is pick a theme and also choose your colors to instantly resize to suit any kind of page area as well as make use of the theme's font styles.

Connect several Instagram profiles with each other. Make as lots of Instagram feeds as you would love to show on your site. Integrate many Instagram galleries from various profiles. Showcase Instagram gallery blogs, videos, and pictures. Widget have No-cost pre-made layouts ( or else you can make your personalized feed). Purchase the Grid design with more than 20 layout modification options. Control the feed's column and Instagram post count.

Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social

Active installations: 70,000+

Сost: start from 50$ per site

This particular extension for Feed Them Social will certainly offer you additional possibilities for Facebook pages, video albums, photo albums, Instagram, Twitter, and also YouTube. Select the amount of messages, photos, tweets, or video clips to demonstrate in your user feeds and many different possibilities.

Feed Them Social Premium also consists of all things you need to produce shortcodes for any amount of user feeds. Simply copy the shortcode to any type of web page or post or else use our recently established widgets, it's that simple. Using one plugin you can create a feed of your service, preferred stars, celebrities, good friends or yourself.



Active installations: 70,000+

Сost: free limited version or 39$ per site

WPZOOM Social Feed Widget is an adjustable and responsive plugin, made to aid you acquire a lot more fans by display your Instagram feed on your WordPress web site.

Crucial elements of the professional plan of the widget: Link Several Instagram Profiles, Masonry Design, Load More tabs, Editable Colors. The Premium is 39$ per 1 web site.


And that's it, guys. Right here are the 20 finest widgets to embed your Instagram feed in your web site. A lot of them are actually free to work with, yet you have the ability to go for the paid licenses in case you want more advanced themes and elements. In the event that you have any kind of questions, please let us know us in the comments. Also, do not forget to check out our internet site for better reviews.